About us

Road Grays is an independent print-only publication about baseball. We’ve made two issues, available to order in our Shop.

We’re telling original nonfiction stories from the world of baseball — from the sandlot to the majors, from the game’s early history to the present day. There are plenty of other places to turn for the latest news on stars, stats, and up-to-the-minute analysis. Instead, we focus on the human stories behind the game, what it means to us as fans, and how it intersects with society and culture.

animation of sprerads from Road Grays magazine

Road Grays is a beautifully designed and illustrated print publication, printed on premium paper, and free of advertising. All articles are exclusive to print. We think this invites a slower experience that readers can engage with more deeply — a chance to step away from our always-connected lives and explore stories that aren’t being told anywhere else.

On the strength of our first two issues, Road Grays was named one of the ten Best New Magazines of 2019 by Library Journal, and was a finalist for the Magazine Innovation Center’s Hottest Launch of 2019 award.

Preview & purchase now – both issues still available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I subscribe?

We don’t currently offer subscriptions. You can buy single issues in our Shop (issues 1 and 2 are both available), and if you’d like to stay informed about future issues, you can join our occasional email list.

Q: Why aren’t there any articles on the site? Is the print mag the only way to read them?

Yep. We believe in the power of print to deliver a reading experience that the web can’t quite replicate. That’s part of the mission of this project. Order a copy and enjoy the full sensory experience of ink on paper!

Q: Can you help me with my project?

Let’s talk! Road Grays’ small team has deep experience in design/art direction, branding, and editorial work, and we have some limited availability for new collaborations. If you’re in need of creative help, send us a message.